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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p "Beppi's Italian Restaurant is a much awarded restaurant that was established in 1956 in Sydney, Australia, by Italian-born, chef Beppi Polese and his wife Norma and is still owned and run by the family.The restaurant serves native Italian cuisine and is one of the oldest restaurants under the same ownership and location in Australia,Polese immigrated from Italy in 1952. His son Marc helps manage the business. Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, and Rihanna have all eaten at Beppi's. Rihanna tweeted about the minestrone when she visited. Pink tweeted on 13 November 2012 "Recently dined at Melisse in Santa Monica. Easily the best meal of my life. Aside from Beppi's in Sydney.""@en }

Dataset index contains no triples that match this pattern.