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DBpedia 2014
DBpedia 2014 with an HDT back-end
DBpedia 3.8
DBpedia 3.8 with an HDT back-end
GeoNames covers all countries and contains over 8 million placenames
OpenStreetMap as Linked Data
Linked Politics
Plenary debates of the European Parliament
A dictionary of the English language
WordNet 3.1
WordNet® is a large lexical database of English
The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography
UGent Biblio
Ghent University Academic Bibliography
Public domain and Creative Commons images, linked to DBpedia
Subjective importance score derived from Wikipedia usage
DBpedia PageRank
DBpedia PageRank 3.8
Events and media from the Web
Dog Food
Semantic Web Dog Food
ISWC2014 Benchmark
Result of the BSBM for triple pattern fragments
Bioactive compounds, quantitative properties and bioactivities

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